Welcome to the exciting and entertaining world of golfing in South Africa. The country is a hub of heritage, culture, traditions and history that runs deep in the roots of the people who inhabit it. The diversity is portrayed through each golf course situated around the country. Whether you are a skilled professional or an enthusiastic beginner, there is something suited to your skill level. With international grade golf courses on offer, you will be spoiled for choice.

Planning a golf holiday in this beautiful country is simple if you know which locations to research. We will guide you on where the best facilities are around the country, and the experience you can expect from your visit to each. Find out which locations and destinations are suited to family vacations, and which are better to go it alone.

Golf is popular in South Africa, and although once deemed a sport for the older generation, today it is piquing the interests of the younger population, as well as the ladies. Sporting channels in South Africa cover all the major golfing events. Find out which channels will keep you up to date with the hole by hole action.

The golf course is the ideal place to take in the different surroundings and the beauty that the natural environment has to offer. In many destinations, you can experience two contrasting sceneries in one place. Some of the locations are situated within close proximity to game reserves, and wildlife often roams freely across the courses. Hazards on these golf courses aren’t only referring to bunkers and the rough in this instance!

We are here to help you to experience golf at its finest while exploring the stunning country of South Africa. With gorgeously manicured greens and challenging courses, there is an adventure waiting just on the other side of the South African border.