South Africa is known as a sport-mad nation. While the country is synonymous with rugby, soccer, and cricket, golf is fast making its way up the ranks. It has passionate citizens who are as patriotic to their country as you can get and who stand behind their teams and their nation regardless of the storms experienced. While golf was, for many years, considered a sport for old men, the likes of Gary Player and Ernie Els have turned the tide over time. In South Africa, golf is now a favourite recreational activity for children, men, and women of all ages, and of course, the old fogies as well.

Tournaments In South Africa

Golf has reached fever pitch in South Africa, and tournaments are plentiful throughout the year. While many are geared towards professionals, there are those that are in place to encourage and showcase upcoming young players who have entered the fray. Many of the tournaments are attended on an international level on courses that are immaculate and in some cases, quite challenging. Many famous golfers have graced the greens in South Africa and enjoyed the hospitality of a nation that has pride and passion.

Golf Watching

While spending your days on a golf course following your favourite player around is a wonderful way to pass time, not many people have that opportunity. In South Africa, if you want to watch golf, you need to be signed up for the satellite television package with DSTV. The Super Sport channels available provide viewing pleasure for golf lovers. The channels cover the events hole by hole, ensuring that you don’t miss a birdie or a bogey. Share in the excitement, the pleasure, and the heartache of the players and watch until the last ball is landed. There is nothing quite like it.