A golfing holiday in South Africa can be a thrilling affair if you incorporate all that this magical country has to offer. The many areas throughout South Africa provide distinctly different environments, natural habitats and climate conditions, and the diversity is quite astonishing. If you are making the trip around South Africa in search of the best-golfing experiences, you are in for a treat. The country is filled with golf courses that are designed and built to world-class standards, with many international, and national, golf tournaments being held all over the country.

Plan Your Trip to Your Tastes

When planning your golfing vacation, take into consideration all the available options. Do your research on the various facilities at each course, and find out what sets them apart from the rest. Some courses provide a more relaxed and casual approach to the game; however, many expect high standards of professionalism in their outlook. Whether you are amateur or professional, there is a course that will suit your requirements. Experience the brilliance of a country that has so much to offer while doing the activity you love most.


The diversity of the country brings variety in the golf courses and their surroundings. While many inland courses incorporate the wildlife and natural national parks, others take pride in the spectacular ocean views. The coastal regions of Durban encompass both the ocean and the contrasting lush vegetation into their golf course designs, while Leopard Creek provides a picture of the Kruger that is breathtaking. A golfing holiday is a perfect way to tour South Africa and experience everything the country encapsulates. Rich heritage, traditions and a deep history are revealed at every green. Just pull out your clubs, and you too can start the journey to discovery and an adventure of a lifetime.